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7 July, 2002
| Topic: 2.1 Patch to be Released July 19th | Posted by: Centurion
That's less than two weeks away. 2.1 will include a TON of bug fixes and feature improvements. Here's a list of whats in (more will be added in subsequent posts)-

* Valley of Ashes by Hexydes and possibly 2 other maps.
* Fixed the FOV bug when selecting SSG at spawn
* Kickback from weapons adjusted
* Rotation bug that appeared when more than 10 maps where in rotation fixed.
* LaserSight bug is fixed.
* Fixed the base voting system.
* Fixed the respawning of dead players weapons and items in TP
* Fixed to allow > 16 breakables
* Recoded the AI for changing weapon modes. Bots can now zoom in/out with the SSG.
* Made it possible to add random bots when starting a game from the UI
* Items can now be dropped during bandaging
* Redid the visuals on callvote and callteamvote.
* M4 muzzleflash 25% smaller.
* Added callvote cyclemap. It replaces callvote nextmap
* Callvote map [mapname] new verifies the map exists before calling the vote.
* Tweaked leg damage.
* Smooth M4 rise.
* TNG TP spawn system has been integrated
* Scoreboard no longer shows who's dead and who's not while you are alive.
* Added the 'lens' sound when using "unzoom" for SSG
* Fixed issues with cg_drawCrosshair 0, for SSG Scope and teammates Names
* Added $P for last damaged player.
* Fixed a model bug for team 2.
* changed g_RQ3_printOwnObits to g_RQ3_showOwnKills and made it control what $K does.
* Spectators can now use say_team to communicate among each others, DM and TP.
* Health functionality for movers should be complete now.
* Rezooming after quick reloading is much faster.
* Visible laser in fog for all players but you.
* Bots don't look for a team leader in TP.
* Enabled the 6th custom crosshair in the UI.
* Added callvote map and ref map features.
* Fixed the UI team count cvars when someone disconnects.
* Fixed the bandagebug.
* Added a feature to overlay normal crosshairs over the SSG crosshair.
* Fixed shots fired stats for non TP modes.
* Fixed the logging of Clients IP's when they connect.
* Personal score grouped with team score on hud.
* Scoreboard shows individual and team head models.
* Spectators can now use say_team with [SPECTATOR] on their messages
* MM: Added Color to all messages for better reading
* MM: Added g_RQ3_forceteamtalk.
* MM: Added "Settings" command code to use from a menu
* MM: Added "lockSettings" as a referee command
* MM: Added a "dmflags" like option to give/remove privileges to captains g_RQ3_mmflags
* MM: Added g_RQ3_maxplayers to cap max players on a team
* Added the dmflag spawn farthest.
* The scores in the upper-right corner update instantly.
* Gunshots now go through teammates.
* Fixes for the M4 rising.
* Shouldn't be able to see the enemy chat bubbles and such.
* Fixed subs and limchasecam
* The captain status no longer stays on people after map changes
* Commands like "drop weapon ; use throwing combat knife" now work as expected.
* Pressures are killed on LCA
* Matchmode ping determination added to scoreboard
* Player total and sub total added to the scoreboard
* Bug with pistol clips for akimbo/pistol in TP fixed.
* Drop weapon for akimbos now behaves like in AQ
* No using the kill command during LCA
* Subs are no longer ignored during TP spawns. Now they are forced into following live players.
* Dead players could talk to the living during the time before they respawned as spectators.
* Spectators in in-eyes mode now witness the death of the player they follow before moving on
* HC now feels like AQ2. Basicaly in aq2, one shotgun shot had it's yaw changed -5 units from the direction the player was looking, and the other one had it's yaw changed to be +5 units from the direction the player was looking.
In rq3 before, one shot went straight forward, and the other shot when +20 units.
Kinda made for some bigger spread.

Mad props go out to Johnny Bravo, NiceAss, Blaze, Aasimon, and Slicer for working just as hard if not harder than pre 2.0.

Keep checking back for more updates about additions. There could be one big suprise not listed above.

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28 June, 2002
| Topic: STA League Open | Posted by: Centurion
News from Karmann over at the Stronger than All - Reaction Quake 3 League is that clan signup has begun. If you're not familiar with the STA here's a brief description from their page-

As you probably guessed by now, STA-RQ3 is a league, not a ladder. Clans are only ranked based on matches scheduled by STA admins.

Currently there is only one division (as RQ3 grows in popularity regional division will be added). Each division has at least one coordinator that is responsible for his division's matches. Coordinators set up schedules based on clans' recent records, winning streaks, experience, and rankings. They are also responsible for any disputes that may arise, such as those caused by server problems or a clan that is ignoring the rules.

Thanks for the support STA!

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24 June, 2002
| Topic: Reaction Down Under Release | Posted by: shenka
Aussie's now have a focal point for Reaction Quake 3 with the recent release of Reaction Down Under following the ever so popular Action Down Under Messageboards

"Welcome to your Australian Reaction Quake Portal. Firsty, what we hope to provide. A central point for Reaction Quake to help create the community that Action Quake in Australia has enjoyed for years. In my view the community itself is what made Action Quake so popular, which dare I say has outlasted almost every game in Australia." - CptCaveman

Myself and Caveman are running the show, and we ask of the Aussie RQ3 Community to show their support. News posters are also required - Check site for details.

Forum's will also be available, international players are welcome with open arms


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23 June, 2002
| Topic: German Ladder Up at ESL | Posted by: Centurion
Word from ToMMics on our message board is that the German Electronic Sports League has put RQ3 ladders up. 2v2 and 4v4+ are available to join.

Great to see some Euro competition getting started!

Thanks for the support guys.

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23 June, 2002
| Topic: OGL Update | Posted by: hexydes
Just a short news post. The OGL is officially open for match-play. The required number of teams (20) has joined up, and matche signup is underway. So if you or your clan is on the OGL roster, get over there and get your match on.

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19 June, 2002
| Topic: Competitive Gaming Update | Posted by: hexydes
Just wanted to make a real quick news post. If you hadn't noticed from the previous two news posts, both the OGL and GUN competitive gaming groups have added Reaction Quake 3 to their ladders. Make sure to sign up on one of them and support the competitive Reaction Quake 3 community!

Also, just another note, though I'm not sure exactly how many downloads we had (last time I was better able to keep track), its well over the 5,000 mark at this point, and if I had to take a guess, I would say around 10,000 downloads. The servers always have people on them (which we hoped would be a BIG welcome change from Beta 1.x), so hop on one! If you're having trouble finding servers, try using a server search like Gamespy or The All-Seeing Eye. Both programs return around 60 servers from around the world. Of course, you're also welcome to use the in-game browser as well.

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19 June, 2002
| Topic: GUN Ladders Open | Posted by: Centurion
Head over to Gaming Unlimited Network they have RQ3 ladders up as well.

From ButtaKnife-
Currently we have 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 competition ladders open. To access, click Competition, then Quake III Arena, then Reaction Quake 3. Once RQ3 players populate the ladders we will hold an election for the RQ3 admins. Until such time, the main GUN Staff will handle any problems, disputes, etc. We also want players to be aware that our league is under development and not every bug has been found and not every feature is added. For players wishing to help build a league and compete worldwide against other RQ3ers, the ladders are OPEN!

BTW we are hard at work on the 2.1 update. Lots of bug squashes, tweaks, and even some new features. Stay tuned for more progress reports.

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18 June, 2002
| Topic: The OGL Ladders are Open | Posted by: Centurion
Head over to The World OGL Homepage and sign your clan up to compete in the Reaction Team Open or Ubberladder Open. For those that want to shine individually or with a friend sign up for the 1v1 or 2v2 ladders.

Have fun!!

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17 June, 2002
| Topic: RQ3 Manual Available for Viewing | Posted by: Centurion
The RQ3 manual has been completed by Black Monk. You can view it at http://www.rq3.com/docs/ . We will eventually have it available for download but we wanted to get it to you in some form ASAP since so many of you were asking for it. Go check it out.

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15 June, 2002
| Topic: OGL Supports RQ3 | Posted by: Centurion
Better start getting those clans together. News from Apathy on the OGL homepage is that RQ3 ladders will be up shortly. In his words -

Never fear, the staff here at the OGL are working fast -- look for Reaction Q3 ladders and rules to be up immediately. Even as we speak, our admins are working with members of the development team to confirm server settings and finalize our map list. Ladders to Look for include 1v1, 2v2, Team Open and Uber with the possibility of more to come.

Keep on checking the OGL for updates.

Thanks OGL for getting RQ3 Match Play in gear!

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14 June, 2002
| Topic: Beta 2.00 Released! | Posted by: hexydes
Welcome to Reaction Quake 3 Beta 2.00, the long awaited update for Reaction Quake 3. Along with new maps, a new user-interface, new models, and other graphical updates, the long awaited addition of Teamplay and replicated Action Quake 2 physics is included.

Beta 2.00 can be downloaded in the downloads section. At initial release, we will have a small list of download sites. As the day goes on and more mirrors are brought to our attention, we will add them to the list as well.

Make sure to un-install Reaction Quake 3 Beta 1.0 and 1.10 before installing Beta 2.00, as the files in the previous betas are not needed for Beta 2.00

We'll post brief updates as needed throughout the day here. Make sure to check if you have an installation error, or find any other quirks.

Error: "Input file empty!"
To fix this error, from the rq3 installer exe, right click on the file and click on extract. From there, open up the folder ReactionQuake3-Beta20_win32 and open "Files" in that folder. There is an rq3 zip file, open that up and extract to Quake III Arena/reaction (make sure to use lower case letters for "reaction"). Thanks go to DoughBoy for the fix

Error: Reaction Quake 3 does not show up in mod menu
If you downloaded the .exe Windows Installer, Reaction Quake 3 might not show up in your mods menu. To fix this, go to your "reaction" directory. If you don't have a file called description.txt grag it here-


Throw it in you reaction dir and your all set. Restart Quake III Arena and you should see Reaction Quake 3 in the mod menu now.

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